CNC-machining centers for wood processing

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5-axis CNC-machining centers for wood processing

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Greda snc has been manufacturing for over 20 years 5-axis CNC-machining centers, 4-axis CNC-machining centers, 3-axis CNC-machining centers, machines and wood working machinery with 3, 4 and 5 for the furniture industry.

Properly aimed for the processing of solid-wood, our machines are employed by the main Italian as well as foreign furniture and solid-wood elements manufacturers.

ARGO GANTRY 5A - Data Sheet

5-axis CNC-machining centers for wood processing

Argo Gantry is a 5-axes machining centre engineered to process elements made out of solid wood, plywood, laminate wood.

The large section working area allows to execute different working operations (through holes, carving, milling, cutting, shaping, holes for doors and windows etc) on 5 sides of pieces of any shape and size thus avoiding any handlings from the operator.

The head features two rotating axes (A and C axis) controlled by NC, which allow the unit to reach all the possible inclinations in the area. The two rotating movements of the head are interpolated and driven by two precision reducers.

The electro-spindle has a power of 16 HP and a maximum speed rotation of 24.000 rpm with liquid cooling system. The tool-magazine is a rotating plate with 12 stations placed at side of the operating head.

The table is divided into working areas in order to enable the operator to load and unload pieces with a no-stop cycle.

On request, the pieces can be fixed through a vacuum system, blower pumps and/or special customized clamps.

The "open" structure allows an easy loading/unloading of large element by means of loading conveyor or gantry crane.

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